The Authoritarian Suppression of Ivermectin

Nate Pickens ◦ 2021 June 25

After being censored on YouTube, Bret Weinstein and Dr. Pierre Kory went on the Joe Rogan podcast to discuss the growing body of scientific data revealing the effectiveness of the drug ivermectin in the treatment of the COVID-19 virus. They also delve into the bizarre sidelining of that data on the part of the WHO and the CDC, which has been used by social media companies as an excuse to repeatedly censor its discussion.

From a meta-analysis of 60 controlled trials, 30 of them randomized, ivermectin appears to be nothing short of phenomenal in the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

[Dr. Kory] And so this meta-analysis, which was just published, basically found that there was a 62, on average, a 62% reduction in death when you used ivermectin, from all of these randomized controlled trials. So basically you’d save two out of every three people that you treated. And I would also again argue that’s the minimum of what ivermectin’s capable of, because not in every trial were they treated early. When you look at the early versus late, they do so much better. [...] Early around 80% reduction, and sometimes even higher in the hospitalization and death.

And yet the WHO and the CDC are oddly dismissive of this data, citing concerns of publication bias due to the overwhelmingly positive results, all the while refusing to look into whether those results are in fact the result of publication bias or if the drug simply is as effective as the data shows.

[Dr. Kory] I’m ready any time. Put them anywhere. I’ll debate the science of ivermectin. No one’s coming forward, no one’s inviting me to debate, no one’s out there. And the reason why is they have an impossible task. They don’t want to debate because they can’t win debate. Because what they have to do is, here I have 60 controlled trials, 30 of them randomized, all showing benefit. Their only argument is that the evidence is low-quality.

They’re forced to say why we shouldn’t trust the evidence—they have no evidence to show it doesn’t work. All of the evidence shows it works. Their only tool, their only fight is to say don’t trust the evidence. And as the evidence builds, and as it’s looked into more, as you can see from that publication this weekend, their argument that this is low quality or very low quality starts to break apart. They don’t really have an argument.

It doesn’t take much of a conspiratorial mind to guess that the all-too-likely explanation for this behavior is the lack of profit in a generic drug like ivermectin. Pharmaceutical companies stand to gain very little from it, whereas vaccines and the $3.2 billion worth of research into drug treatments recently announced by Fauci can be leveraged to develop and patent drugs which will line the pockets of these companies for years to come. (And let’s not be naive—pharmaceutical companies most certainly exert influence over institutions like the WHO and the CDC.)

In addition to the disheartening idea that giant profit-seeking corporations may be costing many their health and even their lives, blind adherence to certain health authorities on the part of social media companies is leading to the suppression of actual scientific data. Data that challenges corporate greed and could lead to the saving of lives. Such is decidedly unscientific. It is nothing short of authoritarian.

Listen to the podcast here.